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A Directors Edge film is more than pretty pictures put together with music. We retell your story in an authentic and heartfelt style capturing those hidden gems which unfold in a blink of an eye.Fun, candid and real moments will be preserved for generations, lasting far beyond a still moment in time. 

No two films are alike as all stories are different and should be tailored to you as a couple.

Specialising in wedding films and only accepting one wedding per day will ensure your story is told without distraction, and you are given the personal service you deserve. 

We are based in the Yarra Valley, capturing weddings locally, interstate and overseas.

When all is said and done, a film is a true live record of a day that goes by so quickly.



We met through our mutual love of cameras. We are passionate about light, adventure and nature. When there’s not cameras in our hands, we can be found exploring forests, trekking over sand dunes, and getting close to waterfalls.

Forget those cheesy wedding films. We’ll create a film that captures the emotion, energy, and beauty of the day. Our short films rely on us blending into the background while still being in the middle of all the action, so this means that you’ll hardly notice we’re there!

We’d love to chat about your wedding day, so for more information about us or our services, click below.

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ALTERNATIVE. CINEMATIC. LOVELY. We turn your treasured memories into cinematic motion pictures. From gorg vintage weddings to hyper energetic occasions, our strengths are in our attention to detail, our adaptability and our passion for making a personal connection with you, and your story. We are honest storytellers, We are Tango Films.

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Our approach to capturing a wedding is relatively simple; tell it the way it happened. We're not in the business of creating moments, we leave that up to you. What we will do is make sure we're there to capture every raw emotion, every hug, every tear - the whole lot. We like to think of ourselves as just another mate at your wedding that happens to have a camera in hand.