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Our approach to capturing a wedding is relatively simple; tell it the way it happened. We're not in the business of creating moments, we leave that up to you. What we will do is make sure we're there to capture every raw emotion, every hug, every tear - the whole lot. We like to think of ourselves as just another mate at your wedding that happens to have a camera in hand.

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At Aria we want to capture the day you marry your best friend, the awesome party afterwards and every moment in between.  For this reason we always photograph your day with 2 professional photographers, and all our packages include reception coverage, so you know we're there to capture your entire day.

Taking a candid, natural approach to your wedding photography, we believe your photography shouldn't be overwhelming, it should be a fun addition to your already fabulous occasion.

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Born and bred in the Yarra Valley, Michael is a creative soul, inspired by the stunning locations in his backyard. With an emphasis on capturing the natural moments between newlyweds and their guests, Michael’s photography style is organic and unscripted.

His passion and ability to see intricate details delivers a genuine and personal expression of your day, allowing you to look back and reminisce on the raw emotion you felt in that moment.

Michael is a strong believer that you do not need to force anything on your wedding day, especially when it comes to your photos. You don’t need to pose or script your shoot. All you need to do is provide the love, and he will capture it.

With an easy going personality and laid back nature, Michael takes the time to get to know you and ensure you are as relaxed as possible, comfortable in the fact that you are in the hands of someone who genuinely cares about you and your day.

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Pepperberry Photography is a wedding photography partnership co-founded by Sally Plottel and Felicity Bale. At Pepperberry, we place a strong emphasis on our timeless aesthetic and unobtrusive shooting style, preferring to capture the special moments of your day as they unfold. 

Our work has a colourful, airy, light-filled and organic feel to it, and we love to shoot in natural light, working with whatever the day provides us! Romantics at heart, you can be sure our mission for each and every wedding is to create beautiful and emotive images that our couples will treasure for a lifetime.

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Visual storytelling, honest, relaxed and soulful wedding photography! Brenton’s ability to create and capture significant moments of a couples wedding day with an artistic approach to ensure the finished product remains timeless and beautiful even when looked at in 5, 10 or even 55 years time is what he has become known for! 

From a quiet moment of getting ready, to that exact moment as your father walks you down the isle - seeing your partner shed a tear,  through to the high energy of your reception, and all the intimate and heartfelt moments in between, Brenton will use his past 12.5 years experience to guide you and your partner to create the most moving and emotive portraits which will take you back to this exact moment in time years to come. 

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A total sucker for romance, I always love a good LOVE STORY. Every love story is different and I am truly blessed to be invited to share and capture the most important day in 2 individuals lives. I love the natural, fun and meaningful approach weddings. Capturing the small little details and the in between moments that mean the most. Keeping it totally real in every way. With a few little prompts from me, I leave the connection to you guys.

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Mark’s style is Candid but always chasing and creating fun, incorporating the breathtaking scenery in and around venues. Mark’s one focus is to capture the beautiful sentamentality that your special day holds.  To Mark relationships are key, which is why he gets to know all of his couples well before the wedding so that they are completely comfortable with him as their photographer. 

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Your wedding will be an incredible day that will probably feel like it takes forever to plan, only to be over in a flash. Beautiful, natural photos will help your memories of the day last well into the future, beyond your own lifetime.

Corey doesn't do cheesy, forced or posed - bleh!  Instead, he captures natural, fun, authentic moments that happen organically because two people in love are celebrating one of the best days of their lives!  People say he's got a knack for seemingly being everywhere at once, so he'll capture moments you probably didn't even see happen.

He's happy to give you some guidance, but all you really need to do is be yourself.  Relax, be in love, and be in the moment.


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This might be the first, and maybe the last time that you hire or commission an artist of some kind. So it’s really important to me that I let you know that I came second in my grade two colouring competition somewhere back in that formative decade that was the 1990’s. I was kinda a big deal back then before hitting double-digits, but I’ve since left the public eye and now spend my years chasing the monumentally important small-stuff that colours our strange little human world: love, connection, and ritual, in all it’s forms, all over the globe.

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With a calm, relaxed and thoughtful approach to documenting your day, Ada + Ivy specialise in capturing authentic moment in a creative way. Experienced, professional, a keen eye for stunning light and using the natural energy of your celebration- we create a timeless set of images that reflect your happiest moments, ready to be enjoyed for years to come. 

Love to chat all things wedding, come and say hi- would love to hear about your plans for your day:)

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I’m utterly addicted to the romance and infinite hope of a wedding. 

What I love about being invited to photograph a wedding, is being able to observe the natural and love-filled interactions between two lovers, to see what makes their love different, special and unique. I’ve been fortunate enough to stumble my way into a profession where I get to witness these beautiful fleeting moments. I want to take a step back and let you do your thing. I want to move in close and catch those secret smiles, the lingering eye contact. I want to grab that mood of just married excitement and make it a still. But I also want us to have a damn good time, full of beaming smiles and big deep belly laughs. Preferably with some natural light.